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A Commitment to Culture

As a business leader, whether you know it or not, you have a culture. The time and effort you put into it is going to determine the outcome of the culture you have. Culture doesn't just happen. It's not something that's "foo-foo" or "touchy-feely." It's hard work. It takes a lot of energy, creativity, and hard knocks. You have to try things, to see what resonates, to see what works. And it's a continuing learning path that you have to be on.

Employee gifts: 3 ways we use them to support our company culture

A strong company culture can do wonders for your business. It can help you retain top talent, improve productivity, and enhance morale. But maintaining a consistent company culture across multiple offices is harder than it might seem. We have a distributed team in several locations, so we understand the challenges you face! Employee gifts and […]

What do you do when your company makes a mistake?

How do you handle it when your company makes a mistake? Everybody makes mistakes. How you handle the aftermath is far more important than the mistake itself. It says a lot about your company's values & culture.
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