How to Welcome New Customers: Gift Giving Always Works Best

Sep 14, 2021

Have you ever been through a company acquisition? It can be a scary process for customers, with the unknown of who now owns the company, will they provide the same service, will their orders will be the same, who do they call to place their orders. These are some of the concerns customers have during this time. In this post I'll share how we use new customer welcome gifts to make a great impression and set their minds at ease.  

As the new owner how do you set your new customers at ease that you will take care of all their needs? How will you introduce yourself and present your company? Well, we here at SOLV recently went through this exact situation when we expanded our company by acquiring a new distributorship in Bend Oregon

Our CEO wanted to let all our new customers know we are here to provide the same above and beyond customer service for them as we do for all our customers.

What did we do?….let me tell you! 

First, we sent a letter to every single customer – yes that can be a huge task if the customer base is large, but it’s very important. This letter was written personally by our CEO because we knew that this would be more impactful.  

Next, our CSO and account executive at our new location called the customers as a follow-up to the letter. This personal touch was to ensure the letter reached them and to answer any questions or concerns they may have.  

The best way to welcome new customers

We felt we needed to do more. What more could a company do, you may be asking yourself. Well as you may have heard, we give the best gifts ever! A gift not only gives awareness of your company to all your new customers, it also puts a smile on their face.  

How do you come up with the right gift for new customers? This can be very challenging, however our marketing team brainstormed long and hard to come up with the perfect gift!  

We looked at where the new location was, investigated the city’s culture, even the state. Our new location is in Bend Oregon. As we all know Oregon is big on natural products, recycling and saving the planet. With that knowledge we knew exactly what we needed to do. 

Eco-friendly products are the new buzz in the promotional world, which works perfectly for what we wanted to do. We kitted a box through High Caliber Line, along with utilizing their drop ship service. We chose four eco-friendly promotional products:

  1. Bamboo Dual Phone/Tablet Holder (also known as a business card holder)
  2. A Wheat Straw Stylus Pen
  3. An Outdoor Tough Waterproof Notebook
  4. And a Camden RPET Lunch Cooler all boxed neatly in a Kraft Box imprinted with our logo.  

Why did we choose kitting rather than putting all these items together ourselves? Kitting with the drop ship option to your customers reduces labor costs for you and allows you to move on to your next project with peace of mind your gifts will be delivered.  

How did our customers respond to their welcome gifts? 

The marketing team’s goody bags and kits sent over have been amazing!  These have been very well received and for MY clients, the items are all fresh, new and fun – and who doesn’t like getting a gift?

Geoff Clark, Account Executive at SOLV

Wow… thank you for the nice lunch box, note pad, pen and business card holder! How did you know we were going to order today??!? (Or just sheer coincidence?) Much appreciated!

Jennifer Stewart 

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful care package we received from SOLV today. I hope you’re having a good day and thanks for making mine a little brighter.

Mara McCloskey-Becker

If you’re embarking on a new acquisition or just want to remind your customers how important they are, send us an email at or give us a call 800-388-3650. We're ready to help you reassure your customers you're here to take care of them!  

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