Save Costs and Time With Pressure Seal Forms For Check and Document Printing

Businesses are continuing to look for ways to reduce costs, including different methods of document processing such as pressure seal payroll checks. Many small businesses and larger corporations have found significant savings through adding pressure seal forms to their in-house payroll process, allowing them to skip confines of pre-printed checks and outsourced printing services.  

If you are looking to say goodbye to surplus printing service fees and begin simplifying your payroll process, pressure seal forms are a great option for your business.
Bonus: In addition to keeping check printing fees low by keeping the process in-house, adding check stock with pressure seal forms further reduces your payroll processing costs.

Pressure sealing check forms

Pressure sealing forms are document sheets primarily used for payroll checks and W2 forms, but can also be customized for further use. The pressure seal technology of these special forms comes from a unique dry glue set along the edges of the document. When processed through a sealing machine, the document becomes a secure self-mailing document. This simplified process eliminates the need for envelopes and dreaded envelope stuffing, saving you time and money.

Types of pressure seal forms available and supplies needed

The most common types of these check forms used are Z fold forms (also known as accordion forms).  Z fold pressure seal forms provide an ease of one-sided imaging, allowing for all check, payee and address information to be printed and visible from the same side. We offer three product options, including regular Z folds and eccentric Z folds. 

To operate your own in-house check and document printing with pressure seal forms, you will need a quality MICR (magnetic ink character recognition) LaserJet printer, a sealing machine, and blank check stock.

Benefits of using pressure seal checks

Transitioning to using pressure sealing forms and checks from traditional blank check stock will require a larger initial investment to purchase the proper equipment, but the cost savings over time will make the move well worth it.

The benefits you and your business we see by switching to pressure sealing check forms include: 

Eliminated need for envelopes. You will reduce your expenses and environmental impact by doing away with added paper products.

Reduced risk of errors in envelope stuffing, such as placing the wrong check of duplicate checks in an envelope.  Each pressure seal form offers simplicity in its self-contained design.

Increased time and cost savings by eliminating inefficient envelope stuffing.
Faster payroll processing. Each pressure seal check form is printed, ran through a sealing machine, and instantly available to mail.

Improved check mailing security. Pressure seal checks offer enhanced security with their stronger edges and more secure seal than with regular envelopes.