COVID-19 and SOLV's response to supply chain management


COVID-19 Statement

Like you, all of us at SOLV are closely monitoring the COVID-19 coronavirus and its potential impact on our collective health and businesses. Amid the uncertainty that we all are attempting to navigate, we are continuing our normal business operations and following the CDC guidelines to keep our employees healthy and safe.  

As you know, SOLV is a 40-year-old Idaho based company that has working alongside our customers amid many regional and national disasters. This situation is no different.  You can continue to rely on SOLV because we refuse to miss the opportunity to come alongside you when you need vital products to run your business. Many of our suppliers are deemed Essential Businesses. We are not experiencing supply chain issues and have implemented contingency plans in the event one of our facilities were to have a slowdown or disruption of production.
Specifically, we will continue to be a reliable resource for you during this situation:

  • with printing and distribution plants across the country, we have contingencies in place to maintain our ability to meet your needs
  • we have relationships with suppliers across the globe to ensure we can meet deadlines on current and new projects
  • we have call center locations and remittance processing sites in various states, and, as a result, we can meet customer needs by shifting work from one location to another depending on situations occurring in certain states
  • we are an Idaho proud company with multiple locations across the state giving us the ability to react quickly and efficiently to your needs
  • we have robust warehousing and distribution capabilities that enable us to produce product for you now and store it for later use.  

In short, we are your local team of business solutions experts.  Staying connected to our customers during these trying times is our highest priority. You are our friends and partners and we will get through this together.

Thank you for your continued commitment to SOLV.  We look forward to our ongoing partnership and we appreciate the trust you put in our company.


Tressa McLaughlin
President and CEO