Top Customer & Employee Gift Trends for 2020


Hottest new customer and employee gift trends for 2020

“If you’re not thanking someone right now, you’re doing it wrong.”

Customer gifts and creative ways to show appreciation are on EVERYONE’S mind these days. Many of the old ways of maintaining connections with customers and employees don’t apply anymore. 

What do you do instead? How do you keep those connections alive? 

Top Customer & Employee Gift Trends for 2020: 

Outlander Gift Set

Retail-inspired gifts 

  • Promotional products have gone mainstream with a luxe, high end feel 
  • Gift sets in retail-inspired packaging 


Unique decoration options

  • So much more than your logo embroidered on a polo 
  • Leatherette patches in custom shapes 
  • 3D heat transfer 


  • Online or off: personalized drinkware is fun for zoom meetings – or when everyone is back in the office, it helps keep everyone safe by not touching each other’s stuff 
  • Makes customers and employees feel special 
  • Individualize gifts – not just your logo, customize with each recipient’s name 


Food gifts 

  • Most-desired gift 
  • Memorable and shareable Individually-wrapped items for safety 
  • Who says no to chocolate? Or cheese?

Our Current Favorites: 



  • Gift towers – gorgeously packaged and fully customizable to your budget. 
  • Kitting - Why pick just one category? We can drop ship custom-packed crates with your favorite gifts from multiple sources. Food, blankets, drinkware, message boards, candles, and anything else your heart desires.  

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