SOLV Virtual Events


Culture Jumpstart RECAP!

By Karri Schock

If you missed SOLV’s Culture JumpStart virtual event - partnered with Safeguard's Ignite Your Brand - here are the highlights:


Building a stronger company culture + connecting with employees, customers, and family are the focus driving the top trends: virtual lifestyle (tech-savvy), health-conscious, family focus, workplace connection, and eco-friendly products. These products are helping our customers connect and show appreciation.


Two tech-savvy products that I feel are amazing must-haves are the Skullcandy True Wireless earbuds and the Rocketbook. 

Skullcandy True Wireless Earbuds

  • We have moved to a virtual lifestyle for meetings and even family gatherings. Wireless ear buds are a must for virtual meetings, especially when you have dogs running through your kitchen workspace. 10/10 would recommend these. They're awesome!

Branded Rocketbook Notebook

  • The new Rocketbook notepad has combined technology with old school note taking. Write your notes, upload them to your cloud, then wipe clean and use again for the next meeting. No more flipping through pages of notes to find what you need. I truly need this!

Corporate Responsibility: Giving Back to The Community

Here at SOLV, we're seeing vendors partnering with brands such as MiiR and The American Red Cross to support their Brand Partner Give Back programs. You can be a part of giving back just by giving these products away. How cool is that! 

Clean Water

MiiR has created a unique way to show consumers how they are giving back to clean water programs. On the bottom of every product there is a code that you can enter on their website to see pictures or stories of how they have supported this program. 

Emergency Aid

The American Red Cross donates a portion of every product sold to support their efforts to alleviate human suffering in emergencies. What an amazing way to make our world a better place and be a small but important part!


Health-Conscious Gifts

The health-conscious category is stronger than ever and products like the PLA Bento Box can help customers stay safe and reach their health goals. Who has committed to eating more vegetables and fruit in 2021? I have, so what better way to stay healthy and safe than with your own lunch container and cutting board? 

Family and Connection

Family and connection with friends and coworkers have never been more important. An employer wanted to do something special for his employees that were all working from home, so he sent a Taco Night gift box to his staff and had a virtual Taco Tuesday night. Cinco De Mayo will be here soon. What a great way to celebrate!


I bought Cotopaxi backpacks (made from all recycled material and each one unique in every way) for my kids for Christmas and they love them! They've already been on many adventures. Eco-friendly products are important to people now, especially with the younger generations, and Cotopaxi has created a great product to support this new trend.

Bring these trends to your workplace

2021 is the year to strengthen your company culture, connect with family and friends, embark on a new adventure, and stay healthy. If you would like to learn how you can get these tools and more to grow your culture and connect with your customers, get on the waitlist for our new Connected Community Group.