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Smart. Funny. Way too busy, doing 4 jobs in one, but always willing to do more for your team. You want to succeed in your job, and you want to make your work, your company, and the world better.

How do we know? That's us, too. That's why we're so good together. 

Some days it's an uphill climb. We love helping you reach those peaks and supporting you through the valleys. 

Whether it's print, promotion, employee engagement, customer appreciation, or even getting your employee W2s or customer statements out the door, we've walked this trail all the way from idea through delivery.

We have the map. We have the gear. And we're beside you all the way.


Experienced. Approachable. 100% women-owned. 

Willing to go the extra mile and then some. Big enough to help you and small enough to care.

We believe the purpose of good business is to make a positive impact in the world. We work with companies that agree, and we’re here to help maximize that impact – for your customers, for your employees, and for your community. 

We're obsessed with culture, teamwork, and Gallup StrengthsFinder. As a team, we're a balance of strengths, but we skew heavily toward "Achiever" and "Responsibility". 

That's why this is our promise to you: 
100% satisfaction. Guaranteed. 
CORE Values


To assume responsibility - always.
Results, answerable, team player.


To identify opportunities - always.
Forward thinking, intelligent risk taking, creative solutions.


To do what is right - always.
Honest, ethical, trustworthy.


To understand all facets of the company as it relates to your position - always.
Expertise, preparation, self-improvement.


To provide superior results - always.
Drive, loyalty, pride.
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Top Distributor Ranking


Executive Leadership Team

Tressa McLaughlin

President and Chief Executive Officer

Jamie McCormick

Chief Financial Officer

Gordon Klepec

Chief Sales Officer

Customer Experience Team

Eric Gomez

Account Executive

Matt Peterson

Account Executive

Julie Cotton

Promo and Apparel Project Manager

Margo Parks

Customer Service Lead

Elaine Brazle

Customer Service

Tristesse Munn

Customer Service

Jacobi Davidson

Customer Service

Creative + Logistics Team

Tracy Lay

Marketing and Ecommerce Lead

Matt McLaughlin

Creative Designer

Karri Schock

Marketing and Ecommerce Project Manager

Brooke Allsup

Production Artist + eCommerce

Noreen Rannus


Nicole Tamura

Administrative Assistant

Don Garfield

Warehouse and Delivery

Dave McLaughlin

Accounting and Inventory Project Manager

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Online Brand Management: A Simple Key to Brand Consistency for Your Company

Brand consistency is a challenge for many companies. You spend hours trying to maintain the same look across all materials, but it's hard when people don't understand why it matters, or there are too many variables in play. Your employees may have outdated materials or the wrong source. Different departments may be ordering from different […]

Employee gifts: 3 ways we use them to support our company culture

A strong company culture can do wonders for your business. It can help you retain top talent, improve productivity, and enhance morale. But maintaining a consistent company culture across multiple offices is harder than it might seem. We have a distributed team in several locations, so we understand the challenges you face! Employee gifts and […]

Culture Jumpstart Recap - The Hottest Promotional Trends so far in 2021

If you missed SOLV’s Culture JumpStart virtual event - where we partnered with Safeguard's Ignite Your Brand to show you the latest promotional trends for employee and customer gifts - here are the highlights: Building a stronger company culture + connecting with employees, customers, and family are the focus driving the top trends: virtual lifestyle (tech-savvy), health-conscious, family focus, […]
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