Unique and custom gift cards and loyalty programs

Gift Cards

You can use a Gift Card with Purchase program to promote certain products or seasonal events. It’s a great way to reward your customers. It also dramatically increases return visits—merchants using our GWP program see 30-40% returns. Yet it’s cost-effective to set up—your only expense is the gift card printing and a small transaction fee.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs give your customers the special treatment they’ve come to expect. And they’re good for you too: customers who belong to a loyalty program visit a business twice as often, and spend four times as much. These programs strengthen your brand; they also let you capture, manage and report customer demographics and transactions data. And they’re easy to use: your employees simply swipe customer cards through a terminal. Points are tracked and recorded on receipts so return customers are easy to recognize.

SOLV’s loyalty program provides a fast, safe and reliable processing platform for businesses of all sizes. Nearly every aspect of our program is customizable—you decide on features like reward types, expenditure-reward ratio and visit frequency. We provide complete installation and 24/7 support, and all the marketing collateral you need to set up the program: custom cards, graphic design, printing, a customizable CRM database and direct mail.