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W2 Services

We handle tax reporting and filing with cutting-edge software that’s always current, eliminating errors and assuring compliance when state and federal tax laws change. Your records are electronically stored using sophisticated hardware with advanced back-up technology, making full data replication and recovery possible. You save time and major headaches. 

We can process these tax forms for you: W2 and W2G. Just tell us how you want it done—we can print and mail, create CD-ROMs, maintain a W2 call center with web access, and set up eW2® if you’d like to go paperless. Talk to us about custom processing—we can easily set up merging files, exporting to Excel, inserting a custom note and more.


The eW2® has become the most efficient and cost-effective method to send W2s by email. It lets your employees get a jump start in preparing their taxes, and beat the crowds in getting those all-important refunds.

When you use our services, your employees simply go to W2copy.com and enroll. Yes, that’s really all it takes. On your end, going electronic eliminates the need for printing, folding, inserting and mailing.

The E-W2® is 100-percent compatible for all tax purposes. It meets existing industry standards for the highest level of encryption and security. We can provide you a CD with PDFs of every W2 for internal reprints and archival, and you can print as many copies of the W2s as you need. We have a bilingual call center and web-based solution for reprints and re-issues.


SOLV is an authorized IRS e-file provider for both federal and state filings. For Federal Filing, we generate your W3 information to submit to the SSA using the data from your uploaded W2 data file. We submit this file electronically and upload a copy to your web portal for your records. For State Filing, we create your file in the appropriate format for each state and upload that file to your web portal. You must download the file and submit to the state agencies.

SOLV was the best find ever!

– Doug Abronski, Abel HR