Brand Discovery 2021 Recap

Apr 14, 2021

Update: Brand Discovery 2021 is over! We got some amazing branding insights from our panel of experts. Connected Community members can catch the replays, transcripts, and slide decks. (It's free to join!)

Again, make sure you sign up for the Connected Community to get early invitations to all our events!

Did you attend our Culture Jumpstart event in February? We hope you enjoyed it, but . . . we got some less-than-stellar feedback after the event. (Ouch.)

As fun as it is to see the latest cool swag & company apparel, it left some of you wondering, "okay, now what? Those were great products, but where are the ideas? And where is Tressa? I showed up hoping to hear her thoughts."

You asked, we listened. It's all about the people behind the experience. Our events need to deliver the creative ideas, culture & brand focus, AND personal interaction you’ve come to expect from us.  

That's why we completely revamped the plan for our next event, Brand Discovery - and you're going to love it! We're bringing together four Idaho thought leaders from different industries to discuss branding strategies. You’ll learn how they use branding to support business goals and drive results, and how you can implement those ideas for your own brand. 

  • You’ll hear from Ron Baker of Rizen Creative – the firm that helped us with our own rebrand as SOLV – on why (and how) to maintain brand consistency.
  • You’ll learn how Moya Dolsby of the Idaho Wine Commission leveraged branding to make the wine industry in Idaho a respected player in the wine world, with an economic impact of $210 million.
  • You’ll hear how Amber Cobos of Pioneer Federal Credit Union drives community involvement and internal engagement with a powerful brand.
  • You’ll get insights from Tressa McLaughlin, our own CEO, on how to maximize the impact of your brand efforts. 
  • You'll get interaction - after the presentations, we’ll open the floor so you can ask questions, comment, brainstorm, and discuss. 

And by now, you probably know that gift-giving is our love language. Expect goodies!
Register by April 23 to receive the Brand Discovery Idea Box, designed to spark ideas you can use in your own brand initiatives. Plus, everyone who attends live will get a special thank-you gift to take those brand ideas even further. 
Will you join us?

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