Jan 11, 2022

The world entered into 2021 with uncertainty of possible continued shutdowns and unemployment. Many companies had to close their doors temporarily or permanently. This had a huge impact on our economy and workforce, which we are still feeling.  

This left one burning question on everyone’s mind, how will the economy bounce back?  

Companies that were able to move forward had to change their work practices and culture to continue that up-hill climb. This was one of the most imperative steps to survive. Working from home was the new norm and the struggle to keep your team connected was soon realized.  

SOLV took several steps to keep our staff connected and to strengthen our culture. This alone brought our team together, strengthened the company and team, which in turn helped our business grow.  

At the end of each quarter, we asked our staff to share their biggest wins, ahas, or celebrations. Here’s what the SOLV team celebrated this year on a personal and team level.  


I saw an exceptional amount of teamwork that went into the Adventure Trek program and lots of points earned and teamwork that went into helping others both at home and at work. -- Jamie McCormick, CFO

Always proud of the way everyone just pulls together and gets what needs to be done, done, regardless of their job description or how much they already have on their plate. -- Gordon Klepec, CSO

Brand Discovery and everyone spending time at the Meridian office and the launch of our new website. --Karri Schock Marketing & eCommerce Project Manager


The Bend acquisition and getting it done in a short amount of time. There were several team members involved to do the heavy lifting (literally) and we were working in areas outside our job functions. It was an amazing feeling of we can do whatever needs to be done with laser focus and a whole lotta laughs! --Tressa McLaughlin, President + CEO

Acquiring a new company was a welcome surprise. I love that we’re in a pattern of growth. Particularly after what last year threw at us. -- Brooke Allsup, Production Artist & Ecommerce

I have great pride in my new SOLV team, everyone has been part of a successful transition and it gives me incredible confidence and humility to know just how much support I know I now have – so thank you times 100! -- Geoff Clark, Account Executive 


We helped the Meridian Chamber put on a successful Golf Scramble and helped the Meridian Chamber earn over the projected fundraiser goal. -- Eric Gomez, Account Executive  


Having our new additions, Samra Murray, Cameron Hueckman and Teresa Laude on the SOLV team and contributing from day one. The daily stand-up meetings that are driving accountability and camaraderie. We have a shared fate, purpose, and mission to thrive. It’s a lot of fun! And, the forward momentum of everyone on the team that is working hard, driving forward, and getting it done! -- Tressa McLaughlin, President + CEO 


Personally – being able to speak at some venues to highlight my company. And, receiving the All City Vistage Leadership Award was pretty swanky – the icing on the cake! -- Tressa McLaughlin, President + CEO 

Our team winning not one but two PEAK awards was a huge highlight! I was already incredibly proud of the work the marketing team did on Adventure Trek and Brand Discovery – those shiny new crystal trophies are the cherry on top! -- Tracy Lay, Marketing & eCommerce Lead 

Creating a strong company culture and bringing our team closer together I believe was the driving force for our growth in 2021.  

This not only had an impact on our team but on our customers and how we committed to our Just Cause – Delivering Results Through a Trusted Customer Experience.  

Tapping into our strengths and our teammates' strengths helped our team work together to ensure each customer truly felt our Just Cause.  

Here are some of our customer and team wins for 2021. 


This is the most KPIs that I have seen completed in the first quarter of the year. I see evidence of teammates improving processes, consistently applying them, and healthy communication. Since this happened during the first quarter, they will have impact on our 2021 growth. -- Tressa McLaughlin, President + CEO

I saw an exceptional amount of teamwork that went into meeting both of our productivity goals for each month of the quarter and that went into creating fantastic measurable KPIs that have already made an impact. -- Jamie McCormick, CFO 

My highlights were my team and I completing two KPI’s for Qtr. 1. -- Noreen Rannus, Accounting


The eCommerce team solidified our new ecommerce site process and each team member built 4 sites by themselves. The marketing team's SEO efforts are working. -- Matt McLaughlin, Creative Designer

Our eCommerce Team getting all 12 of Bend’s sites up and working in a matter of weeks. -- Brooke Allsup, Production Artist & eCommerce 

I am very proud of the progress Promo & Apparel is taking. We are profitable, growing, and have so much more to do still. -- Julie Cotton Promo & Apparel Project Manager 

Working with the Marketing and eCommerce teams has been a delight. We have been focusing on where the responsibilities should be, a reasonable time frame, leveraging each other’s strengths, and a little more strategy behind our work. The focus on helping internal customers so that we are helping them deliver results has been fantastic. And we have had some meaty, juicy conversations to make the workflow better. -- Tressa McLaughlin, President + CEO 


New E-Commerce Site where we were able to help the customer streamline their apparel ordering process. Thank you E-Commerce!!! -- Eric Gomez, Account Executive

New orders for Coasters and Fanny packs – set us up nicely for a warm intro into Breweries for 2022. Visit from Gordon and Cam to boost their Bend teammates morale, thanks guys! November also marks my 6 months with SOLV and it’s been a wild ride but finally feeling settled in with the team and loving it. -- Geoff Clark, Account Executive  

As we look back at our wins, celebrations, and goals accomplished the results show in our growth as a company and how we continue to commit to our Just Cause – Delivering results through a trusted customer experience.  

We want to thank each customer for trusting us to help manage, market, and grow your business.  

We’re ready to strap our boots on and climb the next mountain in 2022; are you ready? 

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