Tax Form Processing FAQ

What is my company code?
Your company code is how we identify your company in our upload portal and it is unique to you. You will need it to gain access to the portal for uploading, approving, and retrieving documents. Email or call 800-388-3650 to obtain your company code. 
When do I have to upload my file? When is the last day?
The W2 portal opens on January 1st for uploads.  The last day to upload and have your W2s printed and mailed by the IRS deadline is January 25th, 2022.  
Where do I upload my file?
Our secure portal is located at
Where do I fill out the contract?
The contract will be ready soon! When it's ready to fill out there will be a link for you here. We will also notify you via email if you're on our Tax Processing announcements list. 
How many did I do last year and what services did I use?
Please call us or email to get a copy of your contract from the previous year.  
Do you have a flyer for employees to register for the eW2/e1095?  
Yes, we have the eW2/e1095 instructions for your employees here

They are also available in Spanish

Once employees opt in to receive their W2s/1095s electronically, they are opted in until they choose to opt out. Employees are in complete control on how they wish to receive their tax forms.  
Do you have the flyer in Spanish?  
Do you partner with H&R Block and Turbo Tax?  
We are a longtime preferred partner with H&R Block and Turbo Tax which helps your employees streamline their tax preparation.  You can opt in on our contract.  
Where do I get a copy of my W3?
Your W3 is located on your portal under W2 Tools>W2 Electronic Submittal>W3 Look on the right-hand side of the dashboard and click on the link called “Download”.  
How do I know the files were submitted?
You can view the status of your files on your portal under W2 Tools>W2 Electronic Submittal.  They are listed by FEIN.  
Where do I find the filing information so that I can send it to my client?
You can view your files on your portal under W2 Tools>W2 Electronic Submittal.  They are listed by FEIN.  You are able to download the W3 by FEIN to send to your clients. Each column on the dashboard is sortable and you are also able to download a copy of all EINs and their status by clicking on the “CSV” or “PDF” button to the upper left of the screen. 
How do I delete a file?
Click on Upload Files and the delete option is midway down the page with a Red Button that says View Them Here.
Do you have any updates to the formats?
Please email for the most current formats for your files. 
Where do I find the formats?
Please email for the most current formats for your files. 
Do you combine W2 wage information for any employee who worked at two different companies?
We don’t combine W2 wage information for an employee who worked at two different companies.  Each company has their own FEIN and those wages are reported to the IRS so they cannot be combined. 
Why is my employee getting a two-page W2?
If an employee has wages in 2 states or many localities then it will generate a 2 page W2. 
What if my employee didn’t get a W2/1095, how do they get a copy?
An employee can go to, click on the employee button and follow the steps to obtain their W2/1095.  Employees can reprint copies of their current W2/1095 at no charge. There is fee for reprinting W2/1095 copies from previous years.  

You can also reprint the W2/1095 if you order a DVD of the W2 PDFs. 
How do I get proof of the 1094C filing?
You can view the status of your 1094C filings on your portal under W2 Tools>1095 Submittal >Click on the correct FEIN 
Where do I find who has registered for an eW2/e1095?
You can view the report on your portal under W2 Tools>eW2 Report >. You can also download a copy for your records by clicking on the “CSV” or “PDF” link. This data is generated in real time, so you may need to refer back to the site from time to time.  
How do I change my profile email address?
Go to Profile on your portal and there is an option to update your email address as well as change your password. A best practice is to review this information before the start of the season so that the appropriate contacts receive the email alerts.  
What is the bad address list and where do I find it?
The bad address list is all the addresses that were found to be incorrect or had a fast forward with the USPS.  That is located on your portal under Processing Files>Documents>View Documents drop down>Address Correction. We are required by USPS to run all addresses through their system for current addresses that are on file. This list can be reviewed so that you can update your database and answer employee questions if they have not received a W2.  
Can I correct a W2?
You can use our W2C feature on your portal under W2 Tools>Tax Documents.  You will need to pull up the correct W2 and make the corrections.  You can print locally or select to have us print and mail. There is a fee for this service.  
Where do I find my state file?
You find your state files on your portal under Processing Files>Documents.  Find the location code you are looking for and select “state filings” from the dropdown menu and you will see the files that are available. 
How do I check the status of my file?
Go to your portal and click on Processing Files>Processing Dates and you can view the status of your files. 
How long are the W2s kept on file?
Files are kept on your portal for 5 years. 
How do I download my CD-ROM of our W2s?
On your portal go to Processing Files> Documents and you will see your file in the Special Download section.  This appears at the top of the page. Click on the link and save the file to your computer. The link will disappear after 24 hours. 
How do I approve my files?
Log onto your portal and click on the button that states you have files ready for approval.  For each of the files listed you will need to click on view totals and ensure the total number of records matches what you uploaded and each box has the correct amount.  Then you will need to view samples of the W2s and verify they look correct.  Check all the following: 

Name, address and social all match.  W2s with multiple address lines are important to review. 

Larger than normal amounts appear correctly. 

Social Security numbers with leading zeros are not omitting the zero. 

Foreign addresses are showing correctly. 

All company information is correct including EIN. 

Check that all state information is appearing correctly. 

Go to processing files and approval and check the boxes next to the files you want to approve.  Fill in all required information and you can add comments or special instructions at that time.  Check the boxes confirming you have viewed the totals and samples and click submit. 
Why do the files need to be approved?  How important is it to approve the files?
Files need to be approved to ensure the data you uploaded is correct.  It is important to view samples and totals so that W2s are not printed incorrectly which creates added time and expenses to produce W2Cs. 
How important is it to carefully review samples and double check address layout?
If the address lines are not correct, then the employee will not receive their W2.  Employees who have long addresses, suites, or have apartment numbers are important to check. 
Why is it important to compare the totals on the totals page to existing database?
The totals page confirms that all the W2s you have uploaded have been captured correctly for printing and mailing.  

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